Snowpark for Freestyler

Park design of the finest

On the Kitzbüheler Horn, snowboarders and freeskiers feel right at home. In the same place where freeriding and powder snow have been enjoyed for many years, a brand-new snowpark is now yet another magnet. Located in the most popular part of the ski area, directly below the Alpenhaus Lift in the Trattalmmulde, is DC Area 43 Kitzbühel North (DC + Snowparks Kitzbühel = DC Areas 43 Kitzbühel). Easy and convenient to reach from the valley via the Hornbahn lift, while the big sundeck outside the Alpenhaus is the perfect spot to kick back and watch all the fun!


On the boxes, rails and small to intermediate jumps of DC Area 43 Kitzbühel North on the Kitzbüheler Horn, freestylers are able to perfect their skills. With the Sick Trick Tour and the Enoka Gamble, we were able to host a number of first-class events. Construction of the new snowpark was designed and supervised by one of the most experienced park designers in the Alps, kept in tip-top shape every single day by a motivated park crew.


  • 2 Straight-T-Boxes (6m und 3m)
  • einer Straightbox (5m)
  • 2 Straightrails (4,5m und 5m)
  • Rainbow-T-Box (6m)
  • 2 Kinked-rails (2,5m und 3m
  • Picnictable (3*1m)
  • Jibcan
  • Tree-Jibs


Discover the deep snow with our ALPINE EXPERT. You want to feel snowboarding from its most beautiful side off the slopes and lifts.

Decide which course!

Professional snowboarding with the right technique

Book your own PRIVATE FREESTYLE TRAINER or ask in our Snowboard Center about our current FREESTYLE GROUP COURSES. We can give you professional coaching and help you learn to jib with everything from a few simple tricks to video analysis. A private instructor offers individual lessons with flexible course times. S/he’ll select an appropriate ski area and tailor training techniques to your personal needs. When you take private ski instruction, you’ll be amazed how much you learn in just the shortest of time.

Basic Kurs

If you've always dreamed of learning to snowboard, then the BASIC course is precisely where you need to be. The course goal is to teach you the drift turn on intermediate hills. You'll have the move down in no time at all.

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Advanced Kurs

You already have some boarding experience under your belt, now you want to improve on those basic techniques – if so, then the advanced course is the right place for you.

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Basic 1 /Advanced 1

Get to know your equipment, safety rules, controlled falls, sideslipping frontside/ backside, riding the lifts.

Clean drift turns, short turns, drift-turn technique in difficult terrain, exercises to develop carving turns, deep snow


Basic 2 / Advanced 2

Development of the drift turn, reliable drift slides in flat and intermediate terrain. The introductory course starts on Sunday at 10:00. Other courses available for groups of 4 or more.

Freestyle tricks, BorderX, halfpipe, deep snow, carving,... The course runs from Sunday to Friday – join any day.



Your private instructor will tailor-make lessons just for you, with flexible scheduling, perfectly suited terrain and training techniques that match your needs. With private instruction, you learn an enormous amount within a very short period of time. You decide on the day and time!

Lesson Times & Assembly Point


Lesson: Sunday at 10 a.m. additional courses for groups of 4 or more

Assembly Point: 9.30 a.m. nursery slope - next to hahnenkammbahn bottom station


Lesson: daily 10.00 a.m. Sunday through Friday

Assembly Point: 9.30 a.m. nursery slope - next to hahnenkammbahn bottom station